Spiritual and Intuitive Healer; Medical Intuitive; Australian Bush Flower Essences

Diana Hunter
0412 349 954
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

As a Master Intuitive Healer, Diana offers insight, guidance and healing for your health, relationships and emotional wellbeing. She also assists with resolution of life patterns and gaining clarity for life decisions. Contact her now to learn more!

Intuitive Healing 

Diana's healing work involves tuning into your energetic field to gain insight into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns of your life. 

During this tuning in, you may become aware of imbalances, life dynamics, unsupportive beliefs, or health patterns that are causing you to experience life issues that you wish brought to resolution and balance. It is common for these patterns to be held unconsciously or semi-consciously. 

Her intuitive healing can also validate all the positive aspects and beliefs you hold which are serving your life and relationships, and that affirm your life path.

Healing sessions include the following outcomes:

  • Insight and healing in relationships
  • Understanding and transforming life patterns
  • Recovery and healing on an emotional level
  • Health and well-being support
  • Deep spiritual healing and spiritual guidance
  • Gain clarity about your life choices
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Validate your intuition
  • Reduce stress and relax deeply
  • Embrace self-love and appreciation
Mind-Body-Emotional Connection

What happened in your past can affect your present-day life and relationships. This often goes much deeper than most people realise. 

You will have developed beliefs, relationship behaviours, and emotional responses as and adult based on your experiences as a child and in your past.  These experiences set up vibrational patterns that are configured as a systemic web within your energy field. It should also be noted that these life patterns can be carried forward from lifetime to lifetime, and stored at the DNA level.

Until you identify and consciously change these beliefs and responses, these experiences will repeat themselves.

Energy healing, and flower essences, go right to the heart of these energetic patterns and assist you in reshaping them to better serve your life.

Medical Intuition

Health begins at the consciousness level. Sometimes your underlying emotional and spiritual patterns may manifest as physical illness.  

These patterns can hold disease in place or lead to a recurrence of ill health. As a medical intuitive, Diana can intuit this patterning to assist you in long-term healing.

Diana approaches health from a multi-dimensional standpoint - mind, body, and spirit. She believes that at this stage in our evolution, we must also nourish our bodies physically and nutritionally. If relevant she may also suggest nutritional supplements that are plant-based and work in harmony with your physical body, the way nature intended.

Akashic Record Healing

This is a multidimensional place where your soul history is recorded and where the memories of both your positive, and life challenging experiences are kept. 

From within your Akash you can learn more about yourself, your life, and your relationships, and also draw on your past experience, skills and abilities.

Diana may open your Akashic Records during your healing session. This can assist in establishing deeper understanding and healing of any issues you may wish to resolve. In this way, you can experience release from unhelpful emotions and life patterns.

Angelic Assistance

Diana works with light beings who support positive vibrational change in the people she works with, if you request this.  

In some cases there is an infusion of light, in others there is assistance in shifting vibrations, and at times there is direct guidance from Spirit.

Many people connect with Angels, while others relate more to Goddesses, Guides, or other spiritual beings. However you relate to your lightworker support team, it is important to realise they are not directors giving orders or imposing change, but rather guides and helpers who provide energetic assistance to your life at your request. They are here to support you on your path and are waiting to serve when you ask.

It is important to remember, you are sovereign and that you have a choice. Asking for their assistance can lead to a lot of positive action.


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