Australian Bush Flower Essences Consultations

Diana Hunter
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Everyone can benefit from flower essences as a system of healing. Essences work to gently restore the balance between the mind-body-emotions, enhancing transformation and establishing positive change. They are an inexpensive, safe, and natural method of healing. Talk to Diana today to craft your very own blend of balance!

Bush Flower Essence Consultations

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are vibrational remedies derived directly from Australian native flowers. An imprint of the flower’s healing signature is held in the carrier solution. The essences can help balance and harmonise our life across a wide range of issues. 

Flower Essences complement any healing program. They combine beautifully with many healing modalities including Breathwork, Personal Development Coaching, Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, and Kinesiology, and are 100% natural and completely safe.

In a gentle yet profound way, the Essences promote positive change, easing the transition into wellbeing.

Benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Enhanced self-love and appreciation
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Emotional calm and mental clarity
  • Increased spiritual awareness and connection
  • Identify your life purpose
  • Clarity in making decisions
  • Recovery from losses and setbacks
  • Support joyful expectation and personal happiness
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Enhanced self-expression and creativity
  • Communicate with your higher self
  • Release grief and sadness
  • Resolve guilt and remorse
How do Bush Flower Essence Consultations work?

During the first session, you will discuss your desired outcomes, so be sure to think about that in advance. You can discuss what’s happening in your life, what's working and what you would like to be addressed.

Diana will then explore the underlying dynamics through a series of questions. During these sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of what the governing issues are, and how they may be impacting your life. Gaining clearer insight can be the first step to move forward.

Afterwards, Diana will design a Flower Essence combination to address those issues and bring them into balance and alignment and with your desired outcome.

You will receive a follow-up call about a fortnight after your consultation to review how you are progressing with your goals and the flower essence. 

Phone consultations:   

In many cases, Diana offers insights and flower essence remedies to people from remote distances through phone consultations. Diana’s intuitive abilities are as accurate over the phone as they are in person.   

In-person sessions are also available.   


Testimonials from Diana’s Previous Clients

“I have been having healing sessions with Diana for at least 10 years. She creates a safe, relaxing and connected place in which healing takes place. Her intuition, guidance and ability to connect to source mean that I leave Diana's session feeling calm, peaceful and on track. I love the bush flower essences and follow up she gives me to support my journey. Diana is a wise and gentle woman whose sessions of guidance and healing are a powerful tool for moving forward in my life. I'm very grateful.” - Rochelle

“Diana has an amazing ability to provide you support and guidance to heal. I cannot recommend Diana enough. The Bush Flower Essences are superb and are prescribed to perfection” - Patricia

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