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Learn the Art and the Science of hearing your inner voice which knows your most life enhancing choices - your Intuition. You will strengthen trust in your inner knowing, recognise the signs, and experience your life in alignment with your inner guidance and soul's true purpose. Sign up now!

Welcome to my 4 week Intuitive Mastery Program!

Designed to guide you in deepening the relationship with your inner wisdom. 
I draw on 35 years experience in the Healing Arts and a passionate pursuit of intuitive mastery. You will learn keys to access your inner guidance and embrace your intuition as a natural and rewarding part of your daily life. 

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Monday evenings - 23th May 2022 - 13th June 2022
Limited to 10 participants  

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My four-week program will guide you in deepening your connection with, and trust in, your inner guidance system. You will deepen your inner knowing for greater life fulfilment, and enhance your sense of being on track in life.

Learn how to hone and strengthen this natural ability so you can:

  • Receive greater clarity for your best life choices
  • Experience increased synchronicity and flow in your life
  • Carve your unique path and feel more on track
  • Enjoy more fortuitous receiving
  • Open to increased support from your Angelic helpers
  • Allow magic to happen

Your intuition acts as your good friend - when you invest your time, attention, love, energy and focus into that connection, it will guide and support you through both the good and the challenging times.

Over the four meetings, you will be given the opportunity to focus on your intuitive development, understand the various voices of intuitioin, open the lines of communication, and learn to recognise when you are being guided by your intuition. In addition participating in this discovery process with a small group of like-minded people, powerfully enhances the learning.

The program focuses on understanding the many aspects of intuition and teaching simple, yet powerful, methods for connecting with your innate wisdom.

What you will learn:

  • Practical methods for developing your own intuitive style
  • Recognising your intuition's many voices
  • Tools for enhancing intuition
  • How to connect with Angelic assistance and guidance
  • Utilising earth elements to enhance intuition
  • How to master your energy system to access your intuition
  • How to discern fantasy from intuition


Next Program - ONLINE
Monday evenings - 23th May 2022 - 13th June 2022
Limited to 10 participants  

Program flyer click here.


Testimonials from Diana’s Previous Clients

“I am so happy to have been part of Diana’s Deepen Your Intuition course. This was a very uplifting, enlightening course. I learnt many valuable tools. It was with wonderful like minded people and I certainly flourished with tuning into my inner knowing and instinct. It was like a positive snowball that gained synchronicity and momentum. I would definitely recommend this program and now I am ready for Part 2!”  - Lee-Anne

"I had the privilege of attending the 'Intuitive Mastery Program' given by Diana and it helped me take back the control of my life. Before I met her I was struggling with a few aspects which always restrained me from reaching my full potential. I am now more aware of my feelings and it is easier to follow my intuition which guides me through my journey. I also learned throughout the course how to love myself more. Thank you very much Diana for sharing your knowledge. Your course has helped me to feel more confident and I am a much happier person." - Pascale

"Thank you Diana for your ability to create a safe, fun space to allow the learning and confidence in my intuitive abilities to expand and grow. I found Diana to be a thoughful, supportive and inspiring teacher, sensitive to the learning needs of each participant. By following her guidance, I have been enjoying greater insight into my unique, creative intuitive way.This course has changed my life." - Carmel

"Diana's 'Mastering Your Intuition' course empowers you to magnify your intuitive skills. Diana teaches you to trust and validate the voices of your intuition, she teaches how to connect more to the multi-dimensional layers of existence in your everyday life. I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful course, including the guided meditations, the Bush Flower Essences and all of Diana's teachings. Thank-you for doing this important work Diana."  - Justine Rintoul, Yoga Therapist

“I had considered myself to be reasonably intuitive, and know of the cost of not following one's strong inner guidance. This program took me to a whole other level of trusting myself. As a result, there is more flow in my life, more inner peace, more energy and freedom to express who I am and who I am becoming. I have come to acknowledge more deeply, the profound effect of continuing to follow my intuition as a way of life.” - Kirstine

“The ‘Intuitive Mastery Program’ has been an amazing experience for me. Diana created a safe and caring space for everyone to openly share and learn together. The course has given me the confidence to listen clearly to the messages from my intuition and most importantly to trust it. The four weeks were a journey for my heart, through her guidance meditation with her loving voice, and also the helpful exercises to increase synchronicity in my life. I finished the course with her magic personal one on one session which has been healing and liberating. I highly recommend this program. Since the course I feel l lighter, happier and more self-aware. Thank you so much Diana”  - Emilia

“I recommend Diana’s ‘Intuitive Mastery’ course for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of their intuition from both an energetic and practical perspective. Diana’s generously shared wisdom along with her depth of personal experience, made this course both enjoyable and informative. The handouts and exercises were especially useful, and are resources that I continue to refer to. Thank you Diana!” - Peta

"Diana has a deep personal understanding and appreciation of all that she teaches. She draws on this knowledge and experience throughout her course and uses her intuition to guide her. This helps her to be flexible and adjust her teaching according to the needs of the individuals in the group. I found her Intuitive Mastery program to be extremely practical and useful." - Sherrie

“Diana Hunter’s Intuitive Mastery Program, couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was a much needed opportunity to reflect on the power of intuition and how it relates to my present world.  Connecting with my intuition has given me comfort and strength to go forth with some skills to navigate through my time on this earth. I would highly recommend this program to reignite your intuitive side.”  - Christine

 “Practical, sensitive, simple, rich, light-filled, soulful...beautifully facilitated...what more can I say?  ... impeccable timing for such essential knowledge to be prioritised... Thank you Diana for all that you bring.” - Bridget Bygott 

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