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"You can learn to live in the heart song of your intuitive connection."

Deepen Your Intuition 

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This 4 week program is designed to guide you in experiencing a living relationship with your inner knowing. To have a life more in flow and more on purpose. 

Would you like to?

    • Connect more deeply with yourself
    • Learn to develop your intuitive knowing
    • Live life on purpose & experience more fulfilment
    • Delight in more flow & synchronicity in your life
    • Carve your unique path using inner guidance
    • Experience greater ease & clarity for life choices

Our intuition is like a good friend –  you can put time, focus, love and energy into that relationship and have your intuition guiding and supporting you through the good times and the challenging times.

The benefit of focusing on your intuitive development over a 4 week period is taking a period of time to focus and reflect on opening the lines of communication and learning to recognise when your intuition speaks with you.  There is also the power of being in that discovery process with a small like-minded group over the course of the month.

The Program is a combination of deeply understanding your intuition and practicing simple yet powerful methods of connecting with your Innate Wisdom.

You will learn:

    • Practical methods to develop your unique intuitive style
    • Recognition of the many voices of your intuition
    • Tools to enhance your intuition
    • How to connect and benefit from Angelic assistance
    • Using Earth elements for enhancing your intuitive connection
    • Mastering your energy system to develop your innate knowing
    • Discerning intuition from fantasy

What Participants Have to Say

"I am so happy to have been part of Diana’s Deepen Your Intuition course. This was a very uplifting, enlightening course. I learnt many valuable tools. It was with wonderful like minded people and I certainly flourished with tuning into my inner knowing and instinct. It was like a positive snowball that gained synchronicity and momentum. I would definitely recommend this program and now I am ready for Part 2!" Lee-Anne

"I had the privilege of attending the "Intuitive" course given by Diana and it helped me take back the control of my life. Before I met her I was struggling with a few aspects which always restrained me from reaching my full potential. I learned throughout the course how to love myself and how to efficiently use affirmations. I am now more aware of my feelings and it is easier to follow my intuition which guides me through my journey. Thank you very much Diana for sharing your knowledge. Your course has helped me to feel more confident and I am a much happier person." Pascale

"I attended Diana's 'Deepen Your Intuition' course and found it incredibly enlightening. The whole atmosphere was one of acceptance with no judgement, only openness and trust. Over the duration of the course I gained many invaluable lessons and certainly learnt how to trust in myself and my intuition again. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain little insights into why they sometimes feel a certain way and also learn some simple life skills to start believing in your own abilities. Thanks Diana, you are great!" Laurence

Join me for an Insightful 4 weeks - February 2020

Cost: $180 for 4 week program
Also includes: Flower essence/personalised review/refreshments 
Dates: 4 Monday evenings. - (8 participants max.)  
Next Program: 2020: Feb 10th & 17th and Mar 2nd & 9th  Time: 7-9pm
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