Certified Coach in Dietary Wellness

Diana Hunter
0412 349 954
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Whatever has caused disharmony in your life, Diana combines multiple modalities to help you create a plan for integrating your wellbeing and enjoying it again. Diana focuses on the complete picture of your physical health assisting with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Talk to her today!

In Diana’s Wellness Consultations, she focuses on the complete picture of your physical health. It will involve discussions on the various aspects of your health, lifestyle and nutrition, and she will then develop a plan of approach for your enhanced wellbeing. This may include dietary adjustments, nutritional considerations, and lifestyle choices.  She may also refer you to other practitioners if she feels this would be beneficial.

At first enquiry, you can discuss your desired outcomes and she will suggest the most suitable healing modality, depending on the complexity of your situation. Indeed, you may find that Diana will mention your health as a matter of course during an Intuitive Healing Consultation, if this is identified as a priority within your session. 

Based on her experience, she has found it is helpful for clients to approach health from a range of perspectives, including the physical, emotional and spiritual, as they are all interconnected. Through her Intuitive healing sessions she can perform a deeper mental and emotional analysis to determine what factors are driving your health, and which steps you might take to improve your wellbeing. This may assist to go to the root of any specific health concerns you are experiencing and generally results in the best overall health outcomes. Diana will then provide practical suggestions for improvement, relief of symptoms, or recovery. 

Adequate and targeted nutrition can provide tremendous support for a wide range of health situations. Diana may recommend plant-derived nutritional supplements that provide the foundational building blocks for our body to be as healthy, stable, and functional as possible. She works with a unique plant-based, scientifically validated nutritionals which are particularly beneficial for immunity, brain function, digestive health and overall cellular function. They can provide a vital underpinning to your wellbeing.  

In addition, the Australian Bush Flower remedies can make a very effective complementary choice for any health program. 

If you would like resolution to a physical condition Diana can provide you valuable insight and health enhancing solutions.


Testimonials from Diana’s Previous Clients

“After our consultation, I felt stronger, more powerful in my knowledge and body of what to do. I had more strength even in my walk. You’re knowledge and skills is not common knowledge. Your expertise show people a path to take, gifting empowerment knowing that you had their wholistic wellness as the priority. I appreciate this. Thank you!” - Rachel

“I highly recommend Diana's healing work. It is beautifully subtle and yet very powerful. Diana's skill with essences is a wonderful mix of intuition and depth of knowledge. Amazing life changing and heart felt healing.” - Jan

If you are interested in Diana's services, contact her today to discuss what you are hoping to accomplish with your health. 

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