Wellness Consultation

Diana Hunter
0412 349 954
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
"Our body by natures design has the innate knowledge to maintain wellbeing and heal itself."

Wellness Consultation
Allow 40 mins to 1 hour

When I first speak with you on enquiry, we will discuss the outcomes you are looking for and I will suggest the most appropriate healing modality for you to approach that.

Sometimes we will address your health as a matter of course during an Intuitive Healing and Flower Essence Consultation if that is highlighted as a priority.  My Healing sessions and/or the Bush Flower remedies are a very effective complimentary choice for any health program.

My Wellness Consultations involve a direct consultation with the focus on your full health scenario.  If you have a physical condition you are wanting to address we can focus on that from a purely physical point of view. In a Wellness Consultation we take a look at your overall health picture and drill down further into any specific problems you may be experiencing. I will suggest areas where you can adjust to make impovement, relieve symptoms or experience recovery. 

We can also take a look at the underlying mental/emotional drivers of your health and what steps may support you in moving towards greater wellbeing. 

Many health conditions can be vastly supported by adequate and targeted nutrition. I utilise plant derived nutritional supplements which provide the foundational building blocks for the body to operate correctly and to experience optimal structure and function.

Most nutritional supplements are synthetic and are derived either from petroleum byproducts or ground up rocks – neither of these are FOOD for our body.

I work with food derived nutritional supplements and a unique category of nutrition called Nutritional Glycans. These are a VITAL foundation for our immune, brain, digestive and overall cellular function. You can read more at this link: Nutritional Glycans

My experience is it is important we approach our health from a physical perspective as well as the emotional and spiritual - it's all connected. This generally delivers the best overall health outcomes for people.

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